If it Snowed in Scottsburg,

If we had a foot of snow in Scottsburg what would I do? I do a lot of stuff through out the week like dance, piano, and band but all of that would be canceled if school was canceled so I wouldn’t really have anything to do. Also, I hate the cold. I stay inside a lot when it is cold and when I do there is nothing better than snuggling up with a blanket and a big long book to read.  I don’t really watch a lot of television or movies so I read books instead. I could read books every minute of the day so if we had a snow day I would defiantly spend it with my best friend, a book.

I don’t really understand why people make such a big deal about food when it is cold outside. Chilly, hot chocolate, chicken noodle soup I mean come on its just food. I guess if I had to choose a food to eat while it is cold I would have to choose white chicken chilly. However, hot chocolate just isn’t my thing. I love coffee and could drink it any time of the day any time of the year. I just don’t like anything about cold weather.


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