Future Plans

I have tons of plans and goals I wish to achieve through out the rest of my life. Well, first off I AM GOING TO graduate high school. To be fully honest I am not completely sure that I want to go to college. I love to read and would enjoy sharing that passion with others, therefor I want to be and author. If you think about it not all authors have a degree, just look at JK Rowling as an example she came from nothing she started writing harry potter on a napkin in a caffe.

I feel like if J.k. Rowling could do it anyone can that is why I feel like I don’t need college to pursue this goal in life. If I decide to go to college I would like to go to Purdue University.Then I would like to be a middle school language arts teacher, or be a geneticist big difference I know.

As a side job I would like to play piano at weddings funerals and etc. I feel like there is no better way to spend your time getting paid for something that you love to do.


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