What I want to gain in the next 17 weeks?


What do I want to gain in the next 17 weeks? I want to pass all of my classes. I know that for some people that isn’t a very high expectation but for me it is. I get distracted very easy and a lot of the times I try to pull off more than I can handle. I am in dance and piano and band and it takes a lot of time away from me and I forget about schoolwork, so this semester I want to try and not allow myself to become to focused on everything other than my work.

What do I want to change? Last semester I didn’t really try my hardest. I did a little bit of everything other than what I was supposed to do. Aside from the fact that I get distracted easily I also don’t want to turn my homework in. I do my homework when I’m not distracted by other thing around my I just don’t feel like it is good enough to turn in. I know that no mater what I do my papers will never be perfect and that bothers me. Nobody is perfect but it is what I strive for and when things aren’t as good as I want them to be then I feel as if I have let myself down. This semester I am going to try and ignore that my papers are not perfect and turn them in anyways.


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